Why do our clients love us?

If you really want to know what it's like to live at Nolensville Clinic, just ask our wonderful clients. The following testimonials reflect the care and commitment of the Nolensville Clinic staff.
We have a skilled Internal Medicine Doctor who can diagnose a complicated case easily. A friend went to 3 other specialists who could not find out why she had abdominal pain. The Doctor at this clinic arranged for immediate tests to reveal a simple surgical procedure that eliminated the pain my friend had for over two years. Find out why family members and friends trust this doctor's clinical services and a price that is affordable.
Linda Roberts
Excellent, Excellent, Excellent in all areas of service and health care.
Jerry W. Jarrett
Fantastic experience. My 7 year old was impressed by their kindness and I was thrilled about the thorough explanation I received.
John Miller
Valerie and her staff are amazing! They are so caring and compassionate towards their patients. Here you are treated like family and not just another number.
Anissa Jackson
Had a great experience on Friday with Valerie..had to have a breathing treatment and she was on it fast. She is such a doll and even checked on me the next day. Now that's the kind of DOCTOR I need.
Donna M. Auffhammer
I have endometriosis and PCOS, I have been searching for 3 years to find a doctor to attempt to treat the problem. They actually listen to me here and I love it. It's like they understand. Finally after 3 years of begging for a particular treatment plan, I got it with them. You guys are amazing, and I truly love you guys, I wish you guys did obstetrics so that if I do get pregnant I don't have to go deal with the guy I left to come to y'all lol. Thanks Val and Dr. Patton! *They're so good I drive 40 minutes to get there after moving, I just can't bring myself to change PCP's
Keri Miles
I can't say enough amazing things about Valerie. She's such a beautiful person inside and out and she genuinely cares about each person she takes care of. She is so smart and knowledgeable about everything. I absolutely love her!! Thank you Valerie for being so wonderful!!! ��� Your the best!
Chelsea Backman
I loved meeting Valerie, and her staff. Had a good visit, and actually look forward to my checkup next week. Sweet lady! Very helpful, and knowlagable!
Tiffany Haynor
Valerie Sauve is the best! She goes out of her way to make sure she finds the root of your problem and helps find the solution that works for you. She has helped me find the right medications and ways to make me feel better.
Melissa Hupka Goodwin
I have been coming here to see Valeri for a few months. I kept getting the "crud" & she was wise enough to test for an underlying illness! I'm very grateful for her caring attitude, & her ability to think outside the "box" and help me!! Kudos to you!! �and thank you for helping me on my way to WELLNESS!!!!
Cindy Granda
They are great! I went there one morning right when they opened as I had been battling a cold/sinus issues for almost 3 weeks and nothing over the counter was helping. The entire office was friendly and efficient and got me in and out very quickly! Valerie wrote me a couple of prescriptions and I started feeling better soon after I began taking them. They even called me a couple days after my visit to see how I was feeling. Wonderful customer service and I highly recommend their office. So glad we have them in Nolensville!
Sheli Johnson Posnack
My husband and I have been going to Nolensville Clinic for our medical needs for over a year now. I've lived in Nashville for 12 years and until I found Valerie Suave I had never had a primary care NP or physician. I had gone to various doctors but was never able to find one that treated their patients with the level of care, respect and enthusiasm that Valerie does, because of this I always went to urgent care clinics. I commend Valerie and her team for their amazing dedication to their patients and to the medical field. Just a side note: At times the waiting period to be taken back to a room and/or the wait to be seen by Valerie can be long but remember it is because she treats her patients as if they were her own family. Valerie is all about quality medical care and because of that she spends time with each patient to insure that they are being heard and diagnosed correctly. Because of that incredible level of medical dedication and professionalism I highly recommend Valerie and her team! Thank you Nolensville Clinic staff for taking such great care of my husband and me
Anne Britton
Sweet and personable Valerie. I may just go ahead and drop my primary care doc. She's just too close and too good to keep driving right past her clinic and on into Nashville
Melissa Farrar Groves
Valerie is amazing and great with littles!!! She went out of her way to help, and I so appreciate her!
Peyton Moss Thompson